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Fix & Flips

Fix & Flip Loans and Fix & Flip Lines of Credit.  A hard money loan intended for new and experienced real estate investors seeking funding for fix and flips nationwide Sand Dollar Associates provides fast and creative financing solutions for today’s investor, making finding funding the easiest part of any real estate deal. An excellent alternative for investors who don’t meet the rigid requirements and guidelines of conventional lenders. Sand Dollar gets your deals funded, without performing many of the rigorous and time-consuming steps required by conventional lenders. When you work with Sand Dollar, you benefit from quick decisions, fast turn-around, and the comfort of knowing that you are working with a company that works as quickly and creatively as you do! Fix and flip loans are short term private money loans taken by real estate investors for the purpose of rehabbing or “flipping” a property to resell it. These types of loans are almost always secured by the property and may include rehab costs. Using the property as collateral, funds are available for short-term residential renovation projects that most traditional banks and credit unions won’t approve. Authorized monies will be held in escrow and released in draws as your contractor’s complete renovations. Fix and Flip Loans: • No interest charged on unused rehab funds • Up to 90% of Purchase & 100% of Rehab Costs • Maximum 75% After Repair Value • Fix-and-flip financing up to 12 months • No hurdles- a very user-friendly and streamlined process • No pre-payment penalty • Investment / Non-Owner Occupied Properties • Options Available for Purchase or Refinance • Loan Amounts Starting at $30,000 • Interest Reserves & Closing Cost Added to Loan Amount • Nationwide Lenders We offer a variety of other Real Estate Investor Loan Programs: • Fix to Rent • Build to Rent • Buy to Rent • Cash Out Refinance with Only 30 Days of Seasoning • Rehab Open Line of Credit for Unlimited Deals & Financing •

Sand Dollar Associates, Inc is not a lender and/or Bank. We are experts at connecting business owners with credit lines and loans to help capitalize their businesses. All loans or credit lines are subject to lender approval based upon credit criteria.