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Secure Revolving Credit

Secure Revolving Credit

It only takes a few months to build your business’ initial vendor accounts in step 2 and have them reporting on your company credit reports. Once these 3 to 5 new accounts are reporting, you can then start securing revolving credit in step 3.

Much of this credit you obtain in step 3 is Corporate Credit in your business name, so there is no personal credit check required. And much of the credit can be obtained with no personal guarantee from you eliminating your personal liability.

Your business will first start with some revolving “starter” accounts including credit cards with national retailers. As some of these accounts report on your company credit reports, your business will then be able to get approved for even more credit. And you can continue to apply, get approved, and obtain credit in your business name with many well-known retailers, and some you might not have heard of.

Your business can be approved for credit with most nation retail stores, and many more. You can even get approved for multiple credit cards with Visa, MasterCard, Discover, even American Express.

As your business builds its Company Credit Scores in step 3 you will see that many creditors will issue you approvals as high as $10,000. And again, this is credit in the business name, and many of them require no personal credit check or personal guarantee from you to be approved.

In The Corporate Wealth Building System, each retailer lists the products they sell, who they report to, and also their underwriting requirements so your company will know what it can get approved for before you even apply. This is the only system in existence that actually lists the real underwriting guidelines for each account, substantially increasing your chances of being approved.

We even offer you a $50,000 guarantee that your company will be approved for at least $50,000 in Company Credit, and this guarantee applies regardless of your personal credit condition. So, you truly have nothing to lose with The Corporate Wealth Building System.